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Issac the Introvert
My most recent OC! He's unique compared to my other OCs specifically because he's Deaf.
As to how he lost his hearing? I'm still trying to figure that out...

Age: 15 yrs
Gender: Male
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 120lbs
Zodiac: Pisces

- Reading
- Writing
- Music
- Romance
- Being Alone
- Visual Media
- Sleep/Naps
- Rainy/Cloudy Weather

- Physical Confrontation
- Areas with lots of people
- Injustice
- Broken Promises
- Cruelty of Any Kind

That's all~ Hope you enjoy!
( My Opinion, don't get all triggered over it. )

-Fire Emblem-
Let me just get it out of the way, I dislike Fire Emblem with a passion.

I didn't think the series was all that bad, but I hate when people refer to it as: "The Best RPG Ever!" because honestly, it's really not.

Modern Day FE lacks in story, they focus too much around the characters and their relationships.
I believe the highlight of any game is it's intriguing story. FE lacks that nowadays. I'm betting you play it for the characters, not so much it's story.

Hell, it's practically more of a dating simulator with it's "bonding" option.
And you can even get married to others in the series?
Give me a break...

The best highlight of an RPG genre is the story, and how much it may captivate you. Whether it's a story focused around the characters, etc.

I find myself utterly irritated with this series nowadays, and how people give so much praise to it... Seriously, people giving it a 5 star rating only because it's Fire Emblem... They act so much like the game is flawless.

FE went through a big change over the years, more so because these types of games appeal to teen audiences.
Most teen audiences prefer more romance in their RPGs nowadays, and they've just completely given up on the story.

Quite frankly, it annoys me how much I see it browsing around DA and other web sites in which I am seeking something completely different.

I haven't picked up on the series since the older releases, where there was an actually decent storyline...
And I won't be anytime soon.

-Tales of-
Quite popular in Japan, but not as popular here in the Americas.

By a raise of hand, how many of you heard of the series?
Very few, as I expected.

This J-RPG series is so very underrated among the people outside of Japan.
Though the fandom has a dedicated fan base which I am proud to be apart of.

Unlike FE, Tales of is the real deal, bringing you a Captivating storyline, memorable characters, and characters who you will find yourself relating to plenty.
More often than so, you will find your best friend being one of those characters.

Like any game, this series of course has it's flaws, but I feel like the game developers learn from their mistakes and try to deliver new concepts and ideas.
I feel like they like to listen to the feedback that their fans give them, and they gather the ideas in which they like most to develop a story which will appeal to everyone.
I suppose you could call it "Trail and Error".

Tales of typically has very unique character driven stories.
That is one of the strengths of this series in which they are very easily able to pull off.
Though, they tend to start of slow, they will progressively get better and better (I promise!)

The characters...
Many of different backgrounds, culture, personality. They are quite memorable and relatable. You will find yourself relating to the characters even more than your best friend!

The Battle System...
Very is described as a Linear Motion Battle System (LMBS), you battle your foes in a real-time battlefield. You may move around the battlefield as you will. It's always fun to battle enemies with this battle system!

Character Development...
Never fails to impress.
You will see with your own eyes how your characters grow and handles each situation prior to when you first we're introduced to them.
I feel like you can see their maturity and you'll just be amazed at how much they have changed.
It's like watching a child grow into an adult.

It's Underrated!!!
How does this happen? How does a series like this end up being so unknown among us...? Why haven't we spent our time looking for J-RPGs like this?... I wish that more people would appreciate it for what this series really is....

Fire Emblem gets too much praise and isn't a flawless game like how many in the FE fandom claim it to be.

It would be nice to see Tales of getting more praise than it has. Which isn't very much. All we can do is hope for it to be recognized... One day it may receive it's spotlight time which is so rightfully deserves.

If you read this far down, then thanks for giving me your time!
Hope you respect my opinion, and not fuss over it.

Thank you for reading!

( Art Used does not belong to me. Credit to it's respective owners! ^^ )
embedded_item1498349032170 by Fazbae87


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Anime ♥

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